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De Holding sh.p.k

Everything started with Comfort!

March 2014, the time when the “Mattress Comodita” product was sealed. A 25-year-old production mattress for the production of pads and mattresses, one of the largest companies in our market and beyond, such as Devolli Corporation. This product was only the first step to continue with innovations in other products as well as in selecting the most quality products for our market. Considering the mattress as an important element for improving the quality of life, special attention has been paid to the work of achieving absolute quality on mattresses under the brand Comodita.
Like any fundamental project, Comodita is also based on its vision; to become a Kosovo brand, which will be recognized for the quality, service and promotion of well-being, within our country, in the region and beyond.
This vision is followed by the goals: to bring to our customers, the most quality products and the wide choice of products that will meet all your personal and personal needs, offer you the best possible service where our customers will have the pleasure to communicate with us and offer support in improving their well-being.

After the launch of Mattresses under the Comodita brand, the next step was made with the opening of the chain of shops Comodita Home, a channel that will hold under its belt many selected lines and brands.
Comodita Home, in March 2015 started with the opening of 11 stores in Kosovo. And now it counts as many as 18 in all of Kosovo! But not only that, Comodita Home expanded beyond the territory of Kosovo by opening its first store in Tirana on March 3, 2017. In a short period of time, it expanded to continue with other stores in Albania, extending to districts.
In these stores, our goals have been fulfilled above and new brands have been created, which have already been recognized by you.

The brands that characterize us as companies are: Comodita Line, Comodita Kitchen, Comodita Accessory and in our stores you can find the products of many well-known brands such as: TAC, Pierre Cardin, Scandinavia, and many more brands which we are a lawful distributor.
In addition to the stores, we have also developed the online shop platform, and we will continue to open more channels that will enable us to cooperate more easily with all of you.
To finish, we welcome you by promising the delivery of products, which will complement you and with the best service to you.

Thank you for choosing to visit us!