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About us


Tobacco Holding Group was established in April, 2001. Our company started its carrier with the ambition and devotion to develop one of the biggest companies in Albanian market. Our business development strategy reflects the Consumers’ needs and requirements in the actual market as well as the innovation of the recent market trends, organization of the team work and the positive spirit to make steps ahead by stimulating all our employees to grow professionally.

During the last two years, Tobacco Holding Group has been developed a lot in the distribution field, by expanding this way its range of products and by showing its brands reliability in the Albanian market. Thanks to its commitment and strong image, THG is part of the five greatest distribution companies in Albania. By being so, our company has a large extension with around 2200 effective clients dealing with THG’s large range products. Along its successful activity, the good image and reliability of our company drew intention of foreign companies increasing their interest in investment and collaboration with THG.


Tobacco Holding Group Company vision is to be the No1 premium distribution company in Albania and Kosovo, working hard with partners in establishing premium brand equity and growth in market share.

Core Values

Tobacco Holding Company core values, are the basic principles in which our activity is based on:

  1. Responsibility of our actions that influence our customers, employees, and community.
  2. Collaboration in every level of hierarchy pyramid, within and outside the company to give our best.
  3. Committed to the success of our business, great service and other initiatives that have an impact in the environment in and outside the organization.
  4. Consistent quality in offering the best service and efficient results of our activity.
  5. Actions with integrity and honesty.
  6. To lead with courage difficult situations with confidence and determination
  7. Working with passion, putting our heart and mind in the work to get the real satisfaction of a high level success.
  8. Respect for ourselves and others, maintaining the environment of team work and growth.
  9. A law-abiding citizen prestigious company.

Corporate Responsibility

Tobacco Holding Group’s purpose is to discover better ways to make a difference in everything we do. We are not just distributors of many successful products; we fulfill our mission to conduct the values and integrity our activity conveys.

We are aware that our social, environmental and ethical conduct has an important impact. THG counts on Social Responsibility policies, which operate as regulating system whereby our business, encourage activity according the law, ethical and international norms. THG has its effective advertising code and gives its support to ensure that advertising is directed to the target market—the consumer of legal drinking age—and that it does not stimulate an drinking behavior which is inappropriate.

Show Room

Show room is a presentation corner of all products Tobacco Holding Group distributes. Except products exposure, you will get a complete information about characteristic of every product in THG portfolio.

If you are interested in learning more, you are welcome to visit our Show room from Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 to 17:00.