Are there any common relations between Lara Croft and Jameson Irish Whiskey? It would seem like no, judging from the outside, but the truth is that “Tomb Raider’s” main character and the most prodigious whiskey in the world both prefer the courageous version and strong character. “Sine Metu” (Without Fear) is the fundamental philosophy of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

But beyond philosophy and all the artifacts, the main reason of this unusual joint between an epical fictional character and the most celebrated Irish whiskey, is Saint Patrick’s week celebration in Albania.

March 16th gathered again at Cineplexx all the fans of premier movies. Friday evening promoted the launch of a new “Tomb Raider” movie (the 2nd of the epical saga). As part of the unique hosting at Cineplexx Entrance Hall were present DJ, Professional Photographer and as well the simulated “Cocktail Bar” powered by Tobacco Holding Group (Pernod Ricard).

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day to the attenders were offered free cocktails (prepared with soda drink). As part of the brand promotion THG staff handed Jameson branded pens which were distributed from Jameson Hostess dressed in that unequivocal Irish style and elegance of a premium Irish brand.

The Hostess created a very attractive atmosphere during the promotion as they made a specific communication with the audience; based on a previously prepared questionnaire related to Jameson story and way of consumption.
– How many times it is distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey?
– Did you know that Jameson is the most sold whiskey in a global range?
– What does it mean the expression “Sine Metu” written on Jameson’s label? Etc.

Ludo Drinking Game was the most playful and attractive moment of the evening. All the players received in gift Miniature Jameson Bottles.

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