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Tobacco Holding Group was established in April, 2001. Our company started its carrier with the ambition and devotion to develop one of the biggest companies in Albanian market. Our business development strategy reflects the Consumers’ needs and requirements in the actual market as well as the innovation of the recent market trends, organization of the team work and the positive spirit to make steps ahead by stimulating all our employees to grow professionally.

During the last two years, Tobacco Holding Group has been developed a lot in the distribution field, by expanding this way its range of products and by showing its brands reliability in the Albanian market. Thanks to its commitment and strong image, THG is part of the five greatest distribution companies in Albania. By being so, our company has a large extension with around 2200 effective clients dealing with THG’s large range products. Along its successful activity, the good image and reliability of our company drew intention of foreign companies increasing their interest in investment and collaboration with THG.