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Core Values

Our core values represent a guideline for our behavior, and they help showing to our customers and clients how we are different from other companies and potential staff we differ from other prospective employers. 

Tobacco Holding Company core values, are the basic principles in which our activity is based on:

  1. Responsibility of our actions that influence our customers, employees, and community.
  2. Collaboration in every level of hierarchy pyramid, within and outside the company to give our best.
  3. Committed to the success of our business, great service and other initiatives that have an impact in the environment in and outside the organization.
  4. Consistent quality in offering the best service and efficient results of our activity.
  5. Actions with integrity and honesty.
  6. To lead with courage difficult situations with confidence and determination
  7. Working with passion, putting our heart and mind in the work to get the real satisfaction of a high level success.
  8. Respect for ourselves and others, maintaining the environment of team work and growth.
  9. A law-abiding citizen prestigious company.